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Who Covers the Home Inspection Costs: Seller vs Buyer

When it comes to a house inspection, who should cover the costs—the buyer or the seller? It is a crucial stage in purchasing a property that most buyers often overlook. Finding your dream home can be exhilarating, but making a decision entails careful planning and consideration—particularly when it comes to the quality of the house.

Homebuyers need to get home inspection services to conduct a thorough check of any property they are seriously considering to avoid setbacks down the road.

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

A home inspector scrutinizes a property for damage or problems, such as structural stability and mechanical or electrical errors. A mold inspection must be included, as this problem is a significant health hazard for your family.

An inspector must also look at the inside and outside of a house for any evidence of damage, which includes the following:

  • Roof

  • Walls and flooring

  • Garages

  • Patios and decks

  • Overall foundation

  • Plumbing system

  • HVAC systems,

  • Hot water tank

After the inspections, they’ll likely hand you a list of recommendations for repair. The inspection and repair costs do not come cheap, and in some instances, a simple repair won’t do. Additional charges for renovations or replacement of electrical wiring can be incurred.

That said, if you are looking to buy a property, a home inspection should be first on your list. It is good to accurately estimate how much the property will cost you at the get-go. Unfortunately, home inspections are not mandated, which is probably why many homebuyers disregard home inspections. However, that is a major mistake and a potential roadblock for a smooth-sailing purchase.

Even new homes need to be checked as some new house projects are created so quickly that standards may not be strictly executed. Consider the home inspection fee as a privilege to avoid unnecessary costs and stress of buying a house that can turn out to be a money pit.

Who Should Pay for Home Inspection Costs?

The question remains—should the buyer pay for a home inspection?

The house inspection cost may be included as part of the overall selling price by property sellers. If the seller feels that the property meets code and the standard requirements, adding home inspection costs would mean they can close on a sale quicker.

Suppose the costs of a home inspection are not included in the selling price. In that case, the home buyer is usually responsible for them, which should be done as soon as the seller accepts an offer on a home. The entire cost is dependent on the property's location and size.

As a home buyer, keep in mind that you are negotiating the purchase of a property. It implies you can put anything on the table, including asking the seller to pay for the house inspection. You should also be given plenty of time to notify the seller of any concerns found by the inspection, so they can do required repairs or adjust the final price.

Keep in mind that both buyer and seller can also cover costs together. The buyer can choose the maximum amount they are prepared to spend on repairs. Should a home inspector discover substantial problems that go above and beyond the buyer’s offer, the seller can cover those extra costs or adjust the price for the property.


Buying a house is a significant investment, and buyers must ensure that their money is well spent. Some property purchasers fall prey to hidden repairs that might have been avoided with a pre-purchase inspection.

It also pays to know that the house you will move in is safe for you and your family. Do not wait until an issue occurs before consulting the experts. You need to have your potential house examined before closing the sale.

Let’s Do it Home Inspections is a trusted name in home inspections in Birmingham, AL. No matter the size of your house, our experienced inspectors will deliver the same high-quality home inspection services to every homeowner or realtor. Contact us today!

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