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3 Signs Dangerous Mold Is Growing In Your Home

Most of the time, the only mold you will see in your home is mold growing on the piece of bread you've left out for a little too long. However, there are dangerous molds that could be growing in your home. These molds are known as mycotoxin, and they're known to cause problems like headaches, runny nose, sneezing, or even the nuisance of a smell. However, if severe enough, these molds can cause permanent neurological damage, something you don't ever want to deal with, especially in the comforts of your home.

In this article, we're going to share with you the signs that your home might just be growing these dangerous molds:

1. The Walls Have Dark Spots

If your walls seem to have darker-than-normal spots on them, the chances are that it is mold. If that dark spot looks like a grey fuzz, then it is a mold. Note that some mold can also grow in white, so generally, if you see places on the wall that you know should not be there, have it checked right away.

It might be harmful mold that's growing, and if it is growing on your wall, it might point to a leaking problem that's causing moisture to reach that part of the wall.

2. The Shower Tile Grout Is Dark

Your shower's tile grout is generally white or pale. If it is dark, mold is likely to grow. Fortunately for you, this mold is mostly harmless. However, if your bathroom has recently experienced a leak, there's a slight chance that the mold growth is dangerous.

We recommend collecting a sample of the mold and sending it to a lab for testing to know for sure. If it does turn out to be dangerous, hire professionals to come and get rid of the mold thoroughly.

3. The Clothes Are Making You Itch

If you've been finding your skin to itch whenever you wear clothes, there's a chance that mold is growing on it. You won't be able to see it, but there can be mold growing in your cloth's fibers. This is usually the case for those who dry their clothes indoors and typically do so without ventilation.

To fix this, dry your clothes as soon as possible. Also, avoid hanging your towel in the bathroom, as the moist environment can cause mold to grow in the towel fibers still.


Is your AC blowing out a pungent odor? Does your house smell no matter what solution you’ve tried? Are your breathing problems worsening? These are all signs that there may be harmful mold growing in your home. If any of these signs are some things you see happening in your house, we highly recommend contacting a professional to come and tackle the mold problem for you. Avoid doing it by yourself, as tackling this harmful mold isn't only dangerous, but missing even a tiny spot will allow the mold to grow back, worse than ever!

That said, the pros will identify the source of the mold, thoroughly get rid of it, and put in place implementations to ensure that the mold doesn't come back to plague your home anytime soon!

Let's Do It Home Inspections offers high-quality home inspection services to identify problem areas to be fixed professionally. If you are looking for mold inspection services in Birmingham, reach out to us today!

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