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Tips to Help You Prepare for a Home Inspection Before You Sell It

A home inspection is crucial when selling your property. You need to have a professional home inspector come by and look around. Keep in mind that no home is perfect, and yours may have its minor flaws which you or a contractor can fix before the home inspector arrives.

As much as possible, you want to make the property look like there are only a few minor issues that can be fixed easily, right? Meanwhile, it’s the inspector’s job to cover many aspects of your home: plumbing, electricity, and other essential parts that make it up.

While they’re always happy to help you keep your house in excellent condition, preparation is essential before the actual inspection. It will allow you to understand the situation better and let you take advantage of the insights that come out of it. Keep reading below to find out how to get ready for an upcoming inspection.

1. Know What to Look For

Do you know exactly the things home inspectors look into when they visit a property? You need to determine how a home inspector thinks and operates. They will do a visual inspection to find health, safety, and mechanical issues that don’t meet specific standards and the buyer’s loan requirements.

Furthermore, a home inspector doesn’t care about the decor in your home, and they won’t do anything drastic, such as peek through your walls.

Instead, it’s a straightforward inspection—they start looking into some essential appliances, flush toilets, flip on the stove, etc. However, that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly! Home inspectors are very meticulous, and they know where to look to find the most common issues.

2. Make Everything Accessible

The biggest pet peeve of home inspectors is when they struggle to access certain areas of the property. When this happens, the job could take longer. You can make their tasks easier (and trust us, they will appreciate you for this!) by turning areas in your home easily accessible.

Check out the attic, garage, crawlspace, shed, and storage closets and make sure they can be accessed easily. Ensure there’s no need to move any heavy items around to get to a specific area in your home.

You should also pay attention to your furniture arrangement. Do some pieces make it hard for people to access some parts of your home, like the windows? In this case, adjust them before the inspector arrives.

3. Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is an option a seller can get to figure out any issues before you have buyers see the house. This is perfect for homeowners who don’t like the element of surprise and wish to inform potential buyers what’s up with their house.

With a pre-listing inspection, you can repair obvious issues immediately and prevent any delays that could occur when selling the house.

4. Don’t Forget to Fix Existing Damage

Before your home inspector arrives, fix broken items in your home. For example, if a faucet has been leaking for a while, this is a good time to fix it or prolonging it further could affect the other areas of your house.

Also, to be sure, you can replace light bulbs and patch holes in the drywall as well. Doing some preemptive maintenance will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Make Your Home Ready for an Inspection

Preparation before a home inspection is helpful. Use the tips above to make the process go as smoothly as possible in time for the home inspector to arrive and do their job.

Let’s Do It Home Inspections is a reliable inspection company in Birmingham, AL. Regardless of the size of your home, you can count on a high-quality professional home inspection service from us. Contact us today!

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