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3 Tips for Selling a Residential Property with Mold

Every homebuyer wants a sparkling clean house because it can affect their quality of life. Unfortunately, some of them may only look properly maintained but have severe mold-related issues. If you are selling such property, you might have a hard time finding buyers due to mold and the health risks.

The good news is your potentially lucrative real estate deal does not have to go to waste. You can still make a sale while ensuring that the new homeowners are not exposed to severe health problems. Here are some tips for selling a property with mold:

Disclose mold issues with potential buyers

Keep in mind that mold can be a severe problem for residential properties. When left unaddressed, it can adversely affect the residents’ health and quality of life. In addition, a home is most likely the most significant and complex purchase anyone can make. That being said, the key to selling a house with mold is to reveal the mold problem to potential buyers. By making them fully aware of the situation, you can take responsibility and be a trustworthy seller.

Create a checklist

Getting a home ready for sale can be tedious and complicated, so you should create a checklist to help you have an easier time dealing with mold and preparing to make a sale. Here are some tasks you need to tick off to ensure your property for sale is free from mold:

  • Perform a thorough visual inspection: Mold grows in humid areas and with little to no air circulation. Therefore, perform visual checks on each room, mainly to spots that are prone to mold development. Remember that mold can spread quickly and ruin surfaces and structures when left unchecked, so start the process right away.

  • Complete repairs as soon as possible: Once you confirm the areas with mold, complete fungus removal and room restoration. Doing this will prevent further mold growth and air quality reduction. Don’t forget to identify the underlying cause of mold development to prevent new infestations.

  • Keep a record: After finishing mold-related repairs, keep a record of all documents, certificates, and invoices. This will serve as proof of completion and allow you to keep track of mold development in the property.

Seek mold inspection

Have professionals handle your mold-related issue by seeking mold inspection. This is the best solution to eliminate the cause of excess humidity in the room and correct the moisture level at home. They also have the latest tools and testing equipment, so you are assured they will locate the mold accurately.

If you partner with our inspection company in Birmingham, we will check signs of mold in your property. We will also identify moisture in your home for sale with indoor air quality testing, mold inspection, sampling, and consulting. Finally, we will prevent new buildup by giving you expert advice, like using dehumidifiers, scheduling an HVAC cleaning, and using an air purification system.


If your home has mold, don’t let this issue hinder you from making a sale. Instead, follow the tips listed above and offer a home inspection to any potential buyers to instill confidence in them. Doing this will also establish your reputation as a reliable seller and give you a competitive edge in the real estate market.

If you are seeking mold inspections in Birmingham, reach out to Let’s Do It Home Inspections. We can help you get your property ready for the market through mold testing and prevention. Schedule your inspection today!

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