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Reasons Why You Need to Get Home Inspection Contingency

Buying a home can be a thrilling experience. However, no matter how excited you are, you should never disregard the importance of having your potential real estate choice checked out by a professional home inspector. You might have rolled your eyes at the sight of reading that, but there is real value in getting a home inspection before making the final decision to buy a home.

You may be thinking about why you should spend a few more hundred dollars if you aren’t even required to do so. You will find that you aren’t alone in this thought, but read on to find out why getting a home inspection is a good investment.

Reasons Why You Need to Get Home Inspection Contingency

The whole premise of getting a home inspection is to identify any significant issues with the home before closing. One significant way to tell that getting a home inspection is important is to use it as a contingency in the contract with your seller. The contingency states that should any significant defects reveal themselves after a home inspection, you will be able to back out of the deal without worrying about penalties for a specific time frame.

What Does a Home Inspection Cover?

A skilled home inspector will be able to complete a thorough inspection in around two to three hours. They will provide you with a detailed report that includes pictures of the problem areas of the home. Here are some of the essential specifics that are included in the report.

1 - Exterior Inspection

Home inspections will look into the quality of the exterior of a home. They will check the exterior walls for cracks and damage, check for any foundation issues, look for any problems with carports and garages, among other things.

2 - Roofing Inspection

Home inspections will also include trying to find any issues with the roof of the house. Improper roof installation, loose shingles, and the overall condition of the gutters will be included in the home inspection report.

3 - Interior Inspection

The home’s interior will also be inspected to see if any p[otenitla issues may be found in the cabinets under the kitchen sink.

4 - Plumbing and Electrical

The home’s plumbing and pipes will be inspected to check for any leaks and issues with water pressure. As for the wiring and electrical parts of the house, the inspector will have all the outlets checked and check to see that there are functional ground fault circuit interrupters to keep everyone in the home safe from electrocution.

5 - HVAC Inspection

The inspector will also check on how functional your HVAC systems are. This inspection will include looking into your heating and cooling systems and any recommendations for repairs and maintenance.


Many possible things can go wrong with a home that you chose not to get a home inspection contingency for. Should any problems arise after the sale has already been completed and finalized, there will be no way of backing out anymore. You can be able to avoid all of this if you get a home inspection contingency clause.

Before buying a home, have it inspected by Let’s Do It Home Inspections. We assure you that no matter the size of the home, we provide the same high-quality professional home inspection service to every home owner and Realtor. If you need home inspections in Birmingham AL, contact us today!

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