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Hiding Flaws from Home Inspectors: Why It’s Not a Good Idea

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Many home sellers and buyers employ the help of home inspectors as a routine part of the purchasing process. Inspecting all aspects of the property is crucial because it allows both parties to know the house’s condition before finalizing the deal. A thorough examination will bring any underlying issues to light, which can impact the site’s safety and value.

Most of the time, buyers hire home inspection services to ensure that they’re getting the most out of the home and that they can save themselves from the headaches that come with an unsound property. They do it to ensure their own safety and avoid any significant issues down the line. However, some sellers also employ their help if they want to take preemptive measures and maintain their house’s value.

Despite the fact that home inspection services are necessary for both sellers and buyers, some sellers attempt to hide defects and damages from inspectors. Disreputable sellers may attempt to paint over problem areas, cover heavily damaged areas with caulk and sealants, change the landscape around the foundation, or install new carpets to take buyers’ eyes off any flaws the property may have.

Hiding property flaws from home is an unethical practice that attempts to maintain the value of the property, but it never pays off. With that said, let’s explore why it’s not a good idea to do so.

1 - Hiding Flaws from Home Inspectors Does More Harm Than Good

Although it’s tempting to think that hiding flaws and damages in your home will make it appear more valuable than it actually is, it’s often not worth it. In fact, it may even do more harm than good.

When home inspectors detect that you’re attempting to hide something, they may subject the property to further, more thorough inspections. Buyers may ask you to shoulder the costs of the next inspection as compensation for hiding things.

Some buyers may not be too forgiving. They will lose their trust in you and refuse further negotiations. Moreover, the inspectors and agents will view you as an untrustworthy seller, further harming your chances of making sales.

2 - Home Inspectors Are Experienced Professionals

Although some disreputable sellers try to outsmart home inspectors, they never get away with it. Most home inspectors have years of experience in the trade, so they have a trained eye for any cover-up jobs. It’s their job to find potential issues in a home, so no matter how well you think you’ve hidden the property’s flaws, they will most likely find out.

3 - It Pays More to Be Honest

At the end of the day, being honest is just the right thing to do. Your values and reputation are worth more than what you can save by employing unethical practices. Moreover, communicating openly and listening to the inspector’s suggestions will help you maintain and even increase the value of your home.


Some sellers attempt to hide their properties’ flaws from home inspectors, but this unethical practice never pays off. It does more harm than good, and the professionals will find the flaws anyway. If you want to keep your reputation and avoid wasting time and resources, it’s best to cooperate with the inspectors and never attempt to cover up your house’s defects.

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