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Tips for Sellers: How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

A home inspection helps buyers determine what repairs to ask for in a purchase and, at the same time, prevents them from buying an unsafe property. It helps get the house in good and working condition. With a professional inspection, a buyer is assured they are getting a home that has no hidden defects and one that is well worth the purchase.

It is easy to ask for a home inspection when buying a house, but what if you're selling your house?

Like buyers, sellers, too, can benefit from having a home inspection done. One reason is that a seller may not know the full extent of a property's defects or other problems. A home inspection helps a seller see what needs to be fixed or repaired.

If you plan to conduct house inspections, here is what you should remember to ensure you have a successful review.

  • Prepare Your House

Preparations before the inspection are critical to a successful audit. It means making sure that the house is clean in preparation for the assessment. Remove any clutter and dirt on the floor, vacuum the floor, and dust the room and furniture. The more you prepare the house, the fewer possible things that need to be repaired.

  • Get Your Roof Fixed

One of the critical places to inspect a house is the roof. If there are leaks or cracks in the roof, they should be fixed immediately. The inspection will check the roof, gutter, gutters, shingles, and ridge.

The inspector will check that gutters are flowing correctly, check the vents and downspouts, and ensure they are free from leaks or obstructions. Check the attic to see if the wood is well-protected from water. Check the attic insulation to see if it is in good condition.

  • Prepare Your Home Interior

Fixing the home's interior or exterior is an integral part of the inspection process. Cleaning and preparing the walls, floors, and other areas, will make the inspection process easy for the inspector. It will also help avoid frustration since the inspector will have to check every crack, hole, and corner of your house—it’s best to provide them with easy access to everything.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

It is a good idea to keep your house as clean as possible. You can use a damp cloth to clean the house. Make sure you clean the windows, windowsills, and the outside walls of your home.

Your home's condition plays a vital role in the inspection because it tells buyers and inspectors how serious you are in selling the house. It tells if you care enough to make repairs or if the house is already in a bad state. Some buyers can get discouraged and choose to buy another house if the one being inspected looks a mess or has terrible conditions.

  • Prepare All Your Documents

Make sure you have all your documents ready so that you don't have a hard time finding them. Your home inspector will ask for your papers, so ensure you have everything on hand.


If you're selling your house, you have to make sure you have the inspection first to ensure that everything is in order. A home inspection is an integral part of buying and selling homes. Make sure everything is clean and in order. It will give your house a more appealing look, your house will look more promising, and more buyers are likely to look at your home instead of the other houses surrounding it.

If you plan to have house inspections in Birmingham, AL, soon, we can provide you with a high-quality and professional home inspection service. At Let's Do It Home Inspections, we help home sellers determine if they will have problems with the house they're selling. Schedule your inspection with us today!

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