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6 Major House Concerns That Arise During Home Inspections

Before you buy a house, you should get a complete professional assessment. While you may be ready to sign on the dotted line and move your belongings in, house inspections in Birmingham, AL, can sometimes reveal major problems.

Here are some of the major home inspection issues:

Structure-related Issues

Most structural issues are discovered in the attic or crawlspace. The structural components are the foundation, crawl space, slab or basement, frame, roof, and walls. Rafters, trusses, and joists are sometimes improperly cut or shored up during construction or renovation. Natural disasters, poor construction, inadequate drainage, and settling can cause structural issues.

If structural repairs are required, the cost might range from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on the severity and scope of the work. Severe structural problems are uncommon, but they're worth looking for because they may be costly. In the past, I've had clients who needed structural issues corrected, and tens of thousands of dollars were bargained off the home's ultimate price.

Water Damage

Water damage is a major issue since it can affect any part of the house and, if left unchecked, costs a lot of money to fix. Water penetration can be caused by roof problems, plumbing leaks, and poor exterior drainage.

Because water damage has the potential to cause so much damage, it is the most expensive of all the significant issues that a house inspection may uncover. If you go away for the weekend and come home to a busted pipe, you're looking at thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration.


Roofs that reached the end of life, shingles that have loosened or broken, exposed nail heads, inappropriate flashing, and dry-rotted rubber boots around the chimney and vent pipes are just a few examples of roof difficulties. Some roof providers provide 30-year warranties, so it's good to ask the sellers whether the firm that installed the roof can come out and make the repairs for the price of labor.

A neglected roof can cause water damage to structural wood sections in the attic. After the sale, the buyer can take care of minor roof difficulties. If major roof problems are identified during the inspection, it may be advisable to hire a roofer to estimate the repairs and try to negotiate credits.


Termite damage varies in severity and cost depending on how long the critters have been present. When you engage a home inspector in Birmingham, AL, make sure to have the house inspected for termites, as these pests cause major damage to the structure.

Treatment and replacement of the affected areas can vary in severity and expense since termites devour the wooden structures they can access. If they've caused damage, the average repair cost is $3,000. The majority of termite bonds or treatments are in the hundreds of dollars.


A leaking faucet to an entire house plumbing system that needs to be fixed or replaced is a plumbing issue. Leaks that have been active for a long time might lead to problems such as flooring deterioration, subfloor disintegration, and mold.

The pipes themselves, which are most likely under the house, are the most difficult to inspect regarding plumbing issues. Because the inspector will most likely be crawling under the house for other reasons, you should urge that they pay special attention to the plumbing and report on the plumbing type. Hiring a plumber to investigate if something seems out of the ordinary is recommended.


Because electrical difficulties can be quite dangerous, it's a good idea to contact a professional electrician about any electrical issues found on an inspection report. In older homes, predominantly those built in the 1970s or earlier, wiring can be broken, outdated, or out of code, necessitating a whole-house repair. Improper wiring, loose outlets, and flickering lights are all causes for concern, and faulty wiring can put home residents at risk.


If any of these big faults are discovered during your house inspection in Birmingham, AL, it may be necessary to negotiate some mandatory repairs with the seller before purchasing. If you're a first-time homebuyer, don't panic; this is why you engaged a home inspector in the first place: to uncover the flaws in the house! This allows the purchasers to make some fair requests before acquiring the property. Some demands will be required repairs, or the buyer will choose to look for a new home.

We can assist you if you are seeking house inspections in Birmingham, AL, that can complete a thorough home inspection for you. Let's Do It Home Inspections helps homeowners and homebuyers figure out whether the house they live in or are trying to sell is a dream home or a problem house. To book your inspection, call (205) 903-4508 or email

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