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A Guide on How to Prepare Your House for a Home Inspection

The moment you decide to sell a property, you also commit and ensure you give a livable home to your buyer. House inspections are usually conducted to help both the buyer and seller. Home inspection services provide an opportunity for the two to identify significant issues the property has. It is not a mandatory step in the house buying and selling process, but it can help in many ways.

Once the seller has an idea of the house’s flaws, they can gauge how much their home is worth. The more problems the buyer sees necessary repair or replacement, the more they negotiate by lowering the buying price. If you do not want this to happen, one of your options is to have them fixed ahead of. That way, you can guarantee your buyer that your house is safe and in good condition before purchasing.

Doing the cleaning and repair ahead will also help guarantee that your property gets a better score in the home inspection. Here are some of the minor things you can take care of already that would help you retain its selling price:

Maintain the Roof

Your house’s roof acts as your defense against harsh weather conditions. Since it is outside facing weather hazards and all other elements, it is prone to getting more damaged and deterioration compared to other parts of the house. It is essential to keep it clean and well-maintained throughout to prevent more damage while also extending its life span. Furthermore, a well-maintained roof enhances your property’s curb appeal, which is important when selling your house.

Double-Check All the Lights

The simplest and probably first thing that people will notice if not working are the lights. Replacing the bulb and ensuring that electricity supply works are vital telltale signs that the current owner takes care of the house for sale.

Check Any Leaks in the Plumbing

One of the most crucial systems inside the home is the water supply, and proper plumbing makes acquiring clean water seamless and safe. If you own an old house, this part might require a big fix. Nonetheless, you should ensure that no leaks or water damage would discourage people from buying your home.

Ensure Safety and Functionality of the Electrical System

Professional electricians best do this step, but there are simple steps that homeowners can do to provide a safe and functioning electrical system for their house.

  • Replace not working light bulbs.

  • Replace any outlet that has no or too dirty cover plates.

  • Fix exposed electrical wires.

  • Label the fuse box and its insides.

  • If you have reversed the polarity of some sockets, make sure to put them back to standard.

  • Any ungrounded receptacles should be upgraded.

  • Ensure there is no double-tapped circuit breaker.

Make Sure the Smoke Detectors Are Working

Should your smoke detectors have dead batteries, your buyer would genuinely appreciate it if you replaced them with new ones. If there are missing detectors in other parts of the house, consider installing them. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are crucial to a household’s safety. They save lives and reduce fire threats and other injuries. These tiny details tell how much attention you put into your house.

Clean Your HVAC System

People may not see the air they breathe, but they can quickly notice when something is wrong. Give your home buyer a fresh start by ensuring that you have your HVAC system serviced. With this, they would feel that your house has a good source for ventilation and safe and clean air to breathe, which are factors convincing enough for buyers.


Make sure not to hide any issues in your house. Instead, address them head-on or be transparent about it to your buyer. You can begin with these enumerated points and add some more later in the process. Make sure to do these preparations before a scheduled home inspection. That way, your property can earn a high score, enabling you to sell it for a much higher price.

If you are looking for an inspection company in Birmingham, AL, that can conduct a thorough home inspection service for you, we can help you. Let’s Do It Home Inspections assist homeowners and homebuyers in determining whether the house they live on or try to sell is a dream house or a problem house later. Let us educate you on what a quality buy and sell would be. Contact us today at (205) 672-4247 or to schedule your inspection.

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