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What Are Common Errors to Avoid during Home Inspections?

Whether buying or selling a house, scheduling a home inspection is crucial in your journey as an incoming homeowner. This essential examination identifies potential issues affecting the property's safety, functionality, or value. It will also help people make the proper repairs or replacements.

However, like other things, this step is open to mistakes, especially if you're a first-time buyer or seller. While finding a professional inspector is crucial, you must also educate yourself about the process. It will help protect your investment, make informed decisions, and ensure the assessment’s accuracy.

If you want to maximize this essential part of home buying or selling, this article will enumerate five common mistakes to make during home inspections.

1. Not Knowing the Home Inspection Process

Once you receive the appraisal, you must schedule a professional home inspection. It will help everyone detect and address potential issues before they escalate into something worse. However, some assume they don’t need to educate themselves about the process because the inspector will handle it. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth because sometimes the professional that enters the home may not be as reliable as expected.

Professionals strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the process before scheduling the inspection. You must also research the qualifications of a good home inspector, understand what the assessment entails and excludes, and determine who is responsible for attending and paying for the review.

2. Ignoring the House Inspection

During the pandemic, some home buyers decided to skip getting a home inspection, assuming it’s unnecessary. However, that’s never a wise decision.

A home assessment is crucial to safeguard the buyer, even if a home warranty is helpful. It also helps when requesting repairs and provides information about unlawful alterations or renovations. However, if you don’t schedule one, you may lose the chance to cancel the contract if the property has severe damage or requires expensive repairs.

3. Assuming a General Inspection Covers Everything

A home inspection aims to identify any significant problems with the property before the buyer purchases it. It lets them request repairs before closing or adjust their offer to factor in the cost of repairs. However, you must remember that the inspector can only inspect visible areas, so they can’t address anything hidden or obstructed.

If you want to verify that the house is in good condition, scheduling other types of inspections for specific concerns like roof, chimney, pool, mold, and asbestos might be best. You can also arrange specialized assessments for electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, foundation, or pest issues. That way, you'll have no worries when you move into the new property.

4. Opting for Cheapest Bid

Scheduling a home inspection is crucial when buying a home, and you must always hire a qualified person. While you don't need to shell much money, reputable inspectors don't recommend settling for the lowest bid because they could offer low-quality services and ensure a lack of thoroughness. Instead, you must select a proposal that provides a well-rounded service from an experienced professional.

You must also read the reviews online, consult with an agent, and ask your trusted acquaintances for referrals before making a final decision.

5. Being Absent during the Inspection

Many homebuyers ditch the home inspection assuming they can read the report afterward. However, that's a costly mistake. If possible, you must attend the assessment because seeing the issues in person can help you better understand than reading about them alone. You can also inquire and hear from the inspector about any potential concerns as they arise.


No homeowner should stress about expensive issues in their new property because they didn’t educate themselves about home inspections. You can avoid costly errors by familiarizing yourself with the process, hiring a reliable inspector, and attending the assessment.

If you need to schedule professional home inspections in Birmingham, AL, let us help! Let's Do It Home Inspections consistently provides quality services to all houses and realtors, regardless of size. Schedule an assessment with us now!

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