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Tips for Choosing the Right Home Inspection Company

It's considered good practice to shop for a home inspector before you make an offer on a property. Hiring a home inspector before accepting an offer is wise because the report will be part of the contingencies you include in your negotiation. You want to give yourself time to interview several professionals, so you can be sure to hire one with extensive experience. It will be your best chance to get an objective assessment of the property's state, and this is something that can save you money.

Choose the right inspection company by following these tips:

1. Take Note of Experience and Training

Before hiring a home inspector, it's important to know their credentials, training, and length of experience. An inspector should have a solid background in construction and some experience with real estate. The longer an inspector has been in business, the more likely they can handle the wide range of problems that may occur.

2. Avoid Your Real Estate Agent's Recommendation

A real estate agent is supposed to represent the interests of both the buyer and the seller. If you do use an agent, be certain to make your own choice on home inspectors. Sometimes, your real estate agent will recommend an inspector based on their personal experience with the individual's work. While this can be a good fit, it's always a good idea to interview a few other professionals to make sure you're making an informed decision. Ultimately, the inspector you hire should be able to hold your agent accountable in the review of the inspection report.

3. Consider Licences

If you decide to interview more than one inspector, be sure to ask about their licensing credentials. A good inspector will have proper certifications and licensing to work in your state. This certification ensures that the inspector has passed an exam and maintains a certain standard of work.

4. Ask to See Sample Inspection Reports

Once you've met and interviewed a few home inspectors, be sure to ask them for a list of sample reports. An inspection report is a detailed record of the home's structural and mechanical systems. You're looking for a report that will provide you with enough detail to understand the concerns and issues that need to be addressed. Ask if they can include a complete list of recommended repairs, as well as a total estimated cost.

5. Ask for References

To get a better idea of the home inspector's overall capabilities, give them a call and ask for references. You can also ask if they have any documentation that indicates they've helped clients in your area. Another good idea is to ask for a list of home contractors that they've worked with. These people will be able to give you more information about the inspector's quality of work.


Home inspectors are a vital part of the real estate transaction, especially if you buy a home. A home inspection is a way to learn about the property's structure, and it can help you avoid costly problems. Ask questions, and be sure to hire a home inspector that is qualified and experienced.

Gather the necessary information before making a significant investment. We offer quality house inspection services in Birmingham, AL. Schedule your inspection with us, and ensure a quality home!

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