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A House Inspection Checklist before Signing That Contract

Congratulations on beginning your journey of finding your dream home. You already know how expensive purchasing a property is. For that reason, you should be thorough with your decision-making before you finally settle on one.

Some first-time homebuyers forget the fact that even newly constructed homes still need to be inspected. Remember that there are no perfect structures, and you need the eyes of professional and licensed inspectors to catch these mistakes. Letting go of this opportunity would only lead to home issues later.

5 Must-Check Features of a House

Here are some of the must-not forget aspects that a homebuyer should watch out for in a potential house.

1. See If The Foundation Is Damaged

Damaged foundations can lead to many home problems. The unrepaired cracks could make the concrete less sturdy than it should be. When they worsen, they could fracture and crumble.

Also, check the walls for leaks and other forms of structural weakness that you could observe. Besides weakening the property, cracks and other damages could also lead to pest infestation in the house. As much as possible, have these issues addressed before you decide to move into the house.

2. Check If the Electrical Wiring Is Outdated

The older the wiring, the more wear and tear become prevalent. That also means the higher the danger it brings to your home. When the wiring is old, it could mean that some insulation must have been worn out too for so long. That can be risky.

What you need to ensure is the house’s electrical system is up to the set code standards. All materials in it should not also deteriorate over time. If there is a material you should avoid, it is aluminum wiring. Excessive heat can lead to the distortion and warping of the aluminum wires. In the end, it might melt up the insulation, leading to a possible fire hazard.

3. See If the Septic Tank Is Functioning Well

A septic tank is a valuable house feature that can be costly to repair if damaged. A damaged septic tank means that contractors need to locate and pump them. In the worst-case scenario, they might need to replace the entire tank with a new one.

Before committing to a house, you plan to purchase, make sure that its septic tank functions correctly. Most of the problems that cause septic tank failure involve overloading the system with more water than it can absorb. You can also connect a damaged septic tank to issues in the system drain field.

4. Look Out for Water Leaks

You should also check any existing and potential leaking areas in the house. That includes all damp areas present in the home. What you want to buy is a house that is dry and comfortable for everyone. Therefore, make sure that all house areas are inspected thoroughly, including the attics, basement, drainage system, and more.

5. Watch Out for Mold

Mold occurs when there is too much moisture in the air. Unfortunately, they are not that easy to catch. Inspectors need to conduct several tests on the air quality and the wall itself to see if there is a possibility for mold infestation.

You need to be careful with mold and mold spores present in your home, especially if you live with someone who suffers from respiratory problems. Before moving into the new home, you have to make sure that these would be removed professionally, and the main problem causing them should be addressed appropriately. That way, you can ensure that they will not come back again.


Buying a house is a serious business that involves a considerable amount of money. Every homebuyer should know about that. It is okay to look overacting if that means making sure that you are paying for a worthy house. Forgetting this crucial step before home buying would only cost you more later in the future.

If you plan to have your home inspected in Birmingham, AL, soon, we can provide you with a high-quality and professional home inspection service. At Let’s Do It Home Inspections, our goal is to help you determine whether or not the house you’re buying is okay to live in. Schedule your inspection with us today!

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