Harvey Trueblood had been a licensed home inspector (license number HI0964) since August 2005 and a FHA fee inspector (K509) since 2008.  After that he became a HUD 203K consultant (A0882) in 2011. 


What is a professional home inspector? 

Harvey Trueblood has completed all the requirements to become a home inspector is licensed and insured. He began providing home inspections since 2005.  His passion led for learning and the profession led him to apply with the FHA and he was successfully selected to become a fee inspector.  Then in 2011 he applied and was selected to be a 203K consultant for HUD.  He provides home inspections  and cost analysis for renovation projects on existing homes and purchased homes. 

Harvey Trueblood is 1 of ONLY  13 203K consultants in the state of Alabama.

His passion for his work and excellence in all that he does is what makes Harvey Trueblood one of Birmingham's best home inspectors. 

Licensed by the

American Society of Home Inspectors.(ASHI)