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Why Have a Home Inspection?

Physical home inspections are a crucial and necessary part of the home buying process. They protect you as a buyer from hidden and costly issues that a home may have. Our thorough home inspection will provide you with the confidence you want to have at the closing table.

WE WILL ensure you know what your are buying!

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What is a 203k Consultant?


Would you love to buy a house and renovate but the thought overwhelms you?

Have no fear consider using a 203k Consultant. 

The 203k consultant’s role is to be your educated expert and advocate in the process of renovation. They review and verify the accuracy of the contractor’s estimates and ensure that all required repairs are completed correctly. 

There are stages that we take to ensure that your project progresses smoothly.

  • Consultation 
  • Initial Property Inspection: 
  • Scope of Work Document
  • Prepare Contractor Bid Packages
  • The Work Write Up

The greatest benefit of working with as 203k Consultant is that we work with you contractors and your lender to ensure that all specifications of the renovation are completed so that you can close and move in on time.  

A limited number of consultants are available to assist in the completion of renovation loans to upgrade an existing home or buy a home in need of repairs prior to moving.



What is a FHA Fee inspector?

The FHA loan is a financing option for qualified buyers that offers lower down payments and interest rates for the purchase of a new or existing home. A home inspection is recommended by the FHA as part of the loan process. The inspection provides a layer of protection for the home buyer and mortgage lender.

FHA Inspectors assist with verifying previous and corrected issues with a home before closing. With stricter lending guidelines it is alway a great idea to have a Fee Inspector that can be available. It will keep you mortgage closing on schedule and provide you with the peace of mind you need knowing the safety of your new home. 

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